Better Watch Out


Better Watch Out

DATE: Sun, August 13
TIME: 9:30PM
VENUE: O Cinema Wynwood






Chris Peckover

Zack Kahn & Chris Peckover

Olivia DeJonge, Levi Miller, Ed Oxenbould, Virginia Madsen

Home Alone meets Michael Haneke’s Funny Games in this sadistic horror comedy genre-bender that will leave you squealing with glee from start to finish. Just when you thought it was safe to leave your doors unlocked and your windows unbarred, a film like Better Watch Out comes along and completely makes you rethink the home invasion narrative. On a quiet suburban street tucked within a ‘safe neighborhood’, a babysitter (played by The Visit star Olivia DeJonge) must defend a twelve-year-old boy from strangers breaking into the house, only to discover that this is far from a normal home invasion. Better Watch Out is a twisted and twisty mash-up of dark delights as filtered through the lens of an ’80s teen comedy.

Preceded by the short film:

A KNOCK AT THE DOOR (Directed by Katrina Rennells & Wendie Weldon): Moments after a bloodcurdling scream disrupts a normally peaceful neighborhood, a frantic knocking at one resident’s door triggers events that unknowingly alter his fate forever. Florida Premiere!

YEAR: 2017

DIRECTOR: Chris Peckover

WRITERS: Zack Kahn & Chris Peckover

STARRING: Olivia DeJonge, Levi Miller, Ed Oxenbould, Virginia Madsen