Black Friday


Black Friday

DATE: Friday, October 29
TIME: 8:00PM
VENUE: Silverspot Cinema Coconut Creek






Casey Tebo

Andy Greskoviak

Bruce Campbell, Devon Sawa, Michael Jai White

Friday Night Frights returns this Halloween weekend with a special double-bash of Bruce Campbell! First up is the Florida Premiere of BLACK FRIDAY, a bonkers, hysterical, and utterly frightening genre-bender starring horror icons Devon Sawa and Bruce Campbell!

On the busiest shopping night of the year, a group of disgruntled toy store employees begrudgingly arrive for work to open the store at midnight. Meanwhile, an alien parasite crashes to Earth in a meteor. This group of misfits led by store manager Jonathan (the one and only Bruce Campbell) and longtime employee Ken (Devon Sawa from FINAL DESTINATION) soon find themselves battling against hordes of holiday shoppers who have been turned into monstrous creatures hellbent on a murderous rampage on Black Friday. Add in a healthy splash of outrageous gore and some ooey-gooey creature effects, and this is the soon-to-be-cult holiday horror movie you never knew you needed. Casey Tebo’s horror-comedy is a delightfully entertaining, witty, and easily the best commentary on the dark side of capitalism since DAWN OF THE DEAD. We hope you find the deals you’re looking for this Black Friday, shoppers!

Lift your spirits with our spooky costume contest featuring special prizes and giveaways before the show!

BLACK FRIDAY is playing as part of Popcorn Frights’ special Friday Night Frights double-bash of Bruce Campbell, which also features a new 4K restoration of EVIL DEAD 2 at 10pm. You can enjoy BLACK FRIDAY as a standalone screening or as a Double-Bill with EVIL DEAD 2… the choice is yours!

YEAR: 2021

Casey Tebo

WRITER: Andy Greskoviak

STARRING: Bruce Campbell, Devon Sawa, Michael Jai White