Cold Skin


Cold Skin

DATE: Mon, August 13
TIME: 11:00PM
VENUE: Savor Cinema






Xavier Gens

Jesús Olmo & Eron Sheean

Ray Stevenson, David Oakes, Aura Garrido

In this Lovecraftian creature feature that tells the tale of isolation and madness set on a desolate island, a young man on his way to assume the lonely post of weather observer finds a deranged castaway who has witnessed a horror he refuses to name. The rest of the island appears to be just forest, a deserted cabin, rocks, silence, and the surrounding sea. But then the night begins to fall… With echoes of The Shape of Water, Splice, and I Am Legend, Cold Skin is the most ambitious and staggeringly imaginative work to date from Xavier Gens (Frontiere(s), The Divide) that explores the chilling question: How much horror can the human heart endure?

Preceded by the film

PREY (Directed by Bill Whirity): While on a first date, a young couple finds themselves being pursued by more than just each other. Florida Premiere!

YEAR: 2018

DIRECTOR: Xavier Gens

WRITERS: Jesús Olmo & Eron Sheean

STARRING: Ray Stevenson, David Oakes, Aura Garrido