Homegrown: 100% Pure Fresh Squeezed Florida Horror

Homegrown: 100% Pure Fresh Squeezed Florida Horror

DATE: Saturday, August 20
TIME: 6:00pm
VENUE: The ALTER Screening Room at the O Cinema South Beach

Popcorn Frights’ “Homegrown: 100% Pure Fresh Squeezed Florida Horror” sidebar is dedicated to renewing and reinvigorating the audience’s engagement with Miami’s local filmmakers and Florida’s homegrown talent. This platform is designed to be a springboard for new filmmakers from Florida and a space that helps forge a new direction for Miami’s genre scene by further cultivating and nurturing its growing film community.

Cookies By the Fire
Directed by Scott Vasey
USA | 8 minutes | 2022
WORLD PREMIERE. A desperate teenage girl digs up a dark family secret to ensure she can celebrate a peaceful, merry Christmas, with her mother and brother.


Directed by Gabriel de Varona
USA | 19 minutes | 2022
WORLD PREMIERE. An office manager invites a psychic to help remove a spirit that haunts her warehouse, hard at work in the afterlife. As they connect with the spirit, they learn the dark truth behind his unresolved business and try to help him move on.


Father Davis and the Demon Doll
Directed by Andrew Geimer
USA | 4 minutes | 2022
WORLD PREMIERE. A priest tries to enjoy some music with his morning coffee when his hellish roommate plays a prank. Can this Odd Couple work out their Growing Pains, or will their Arrested Development leave them wishing they were Living Single?


Fried Pickles
Directed by Mike Marrero, Jon Rhoads
USA | 3 minutes | 2022
US PREMIERE. A group of reunited friends recollects where they were when Michael Jackson died.


Midnight Screams
Directed by Sean Menendez
USA | 10 minutes | 2022
SOUTH FLORIDA PREMIERE. Embroiled in an argument on their drive home, Derek and Jess slam into a living nightmare. What they hit isn’t dead… and very angry.


Directed by Nicholas Long
USA | 3 minutes | 2022
EAST COAST PREMIERE. You wake up to the sound of knocking from inside of your closet.


Praise for My Devourer
Directed by Rostislav Vaynshtok
USA | 5 minutes | 2022
WORLD PREMIERE. A young girl’s nightmares come to life in the dead of night.


The Siren of the Apparition
Directed by Michael Macias
USA | 9 minutes | 2022
WORLD PREMIERE. A family discovers their new home is inhabited by a mischievous entity.


Sweet Erebus
Directed by Jaanelle Yee
USA | 2 minutes | 2022
EAST COAST PREMIERE. A sentimental horror story about crying yourself to sleep in the dark.


Directed by David Borges
USA | 9 minutes | 2022
EAST COAST PREMIERE. Feeling shame and remorse for not being their daughter’s hero, Jonathan turns to other methods of avenging her death.