Homegrown: 100% Pure Fresh Squeezed Florida Horror

Homegrown: 100% Pure Fresh Squeezed Florida Horror

DATE: Sat, August 10
TIME: 3:00PM
VENUE: Savor Cinema

Popcorn Frights’ “Homegrown: 100% Pure Fresh Squeezed Florida Horror” sidebar is dedicated to renewing and reinvigorating the audience’s engagement with Miami’s local filmmakers and Florida’s homegrown talent. This platform is designed to be a springboard for new filmmakers from Florida and a space that helps forge a new direction for Miami’s genre scene by further cultivating and nurturing its growing film community.

A Doll for Edgar
Directed by Anthony Dones
USA | 10 minutes | 2019

Reeling from the recent death of his mother, a young boy’s fate is left in the hands of an abusive stepfather. Both will soon learn that a mother’s love is stronger than the grave.World Premiere!

Always Listening
Directed by Randy Gonzalez
USA | 5 minutes | 2019

Our devices are constantly listening to us. What if something even worse could do the same? World Premiere!

Call for a Good Time
Directed by Jon Rhoads & Michael Marrero
USA | 5 minutes | 2019

One man learns the hard way why you never call a phone number written on the bathroom wall. US Premiere!

Directed by Brian Rosenthal
USA | 7 minutes | 2018

A dark supernatural presence stalks a sick little girl and her skeptical mother. South Florida Premiere!

The Final Girl Returns
Directed by Alexandria Perez
USA | 15 minutes | 2019

A driver emerges from a massacre unscathed and finds himself trapped in an endless cycle of saving the final girls. Soon he learns that one mustn’t fight the rules of horror as the past he’s been driving from catches up to him. World Premiere!

The Limits
Directed by Ulbrecht Tomas
USA | 20 minutes | 2019

In the aftermath of an intergalactic war, a lone road warrior must transcend time, death, and memory in order to reach a mysterious woman named Cybil. World Premiere!

Spirit No.1
Directed by Brett Potter
USA | 5 minutes | 2019

There’s a ghost in this hallway. Can you see him? Florida Premiere!

Valerio’s Day Out
Directed by Michael Arcos
USA | 9 minutes | 2019

A young jaguar goes on a killing spree when he escapes from his enclosure at a zoo. After he’s caught, sedated, and relocated he makes a video diary for his significant other. Their name is Lula. Florida Premiere!