Short Films: Midnighters I

Midnighters I

DATE: Saturday, August 20
TIME: 12:00pm
VENUE: The ALTER Screening Room at the O Cinema South Beach

A celebration of new works from cinematic scaremongers that bring nightmares into waking hours with thrills, chills, and spills:

7 Minutes in Hell
Directed by Shane Spiegel
USA | 13 minutes | 2022
FLORIDA PREMIERE. Olivia and her friends sneak into an abandoned house to play a game of seven minutes in heaven. As luck would have it, she and her crush end up in a closet together. However, things go from awkward to terrifying when the closet goes dark and they are attacked by a shape-shifting monster.


Bug Bites
Directed by Daniel DelPurgatorio
USA | 8 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. Some house guests are a real pain in the ass.


Directed by Sam Max
USA | 16 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. An unnamed figure picks up a young man in his car. As the two drive together, and settle into an austere rental house in the country, the details of their arrangement become guttingly clear.


Get Out of There
Directed by Matthew Barber, Nathaniel Barber
USA | 6 minutes | 2022
WORLD PREMIERE. After surviving a dangerous fall an injured patrolman soon discovers that a dark supernatural presence is closing in on him.


Kickstart My Heart
Directed by Kelsey Bollig
USA | 13 minutes | 2022
EAST COAST PREMIERE. After a brutal car accident, a young woman fights her mind’s three levels of hell to wake up again.


Pumpkin Boy
Directed by Trent Shy
USA | 2 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. This Halloween… he’s born.


Directed by Will Lee
USA | 14 minutes | 2022
WORLD PREMIERE. After discovering her boyfriend’s plan to propose on their weekend vacation, a young girl undergoes a crisis of commitment which attracts the attention of a sinister local cult.


The Sound
Directed by Jason-Christopher Mayer
USA | 7 minutes | 2022
FLORIDA PREMIERE. Two years after a woman experiences sudden hearing loss, strange things begin to happen.


Swept Under
Directed by Ethan Soo
USA | 10 minutes | 2022
FLORIDA PREMIERE. After receiving a housewarming rug from his sister, a Cambodian adoptee discovers a dark history hidden underneath its surface.


We Got a Dog
Directed by Ryan Valdez
USA | 6 minutes | 2022
EAST COAST PREMIERE. Morgan comes home to find her boyfriend Mason has decided to bring in a new pet.