Short Films: Midnighters II

Midnighters II

DATE: Saturday, August 20
TIME: 2:00pm
VENUE: The ALTER Screening Room at the O Cinema South Beach

A celebration of new works from cinematic scaremongers that bring nightmares into waking hours with thrills, chills, and spills:

Directed by Eric Swiz
USA | 7 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. Don’t open the book.


Crimson Ties
Directed by Francesca Kingsland Scorsese
USA | 8 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. In Francesca Scorsese’s short film debut, a 10-year-old girl is forced to spend the weekend with her older sister and her wild friends. Soon she becomes drawn to a pendant hidden in the house, and the night takes a deadly turn for the worse.


Directed by Sam Rudykoff
USA | 7 minutes | 2022
EAST COAST PREMIERE. In this dark workplace satire, a hapless telemarketer tries mightily to give away a free cruise. And if he fails, there will be dire consequences.


Directed by Rebecca Sonia Berrih
USA | 4 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. While FaceTiming her daughter, a mother spots something scary on the video feed that can’t be seen with the naked eye…


Directed by Chris McInroy
USA | 8 minutes | 2021
SOUTH FLORIDA PREMIERE. A guy with his guts on the outside of his body really wants a promotion.


Directed by Tony Reames
USA | 6 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. Relationships can be killer, but the best advice for a successful one, is patience and a short memory.


Nice to Finally Meet You
Directed by Jason Burke
USA | 6 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. Adam meets his girlfriend, Laurie’s, family for the first time over Sunday brunch. But as the meal unfolds, we realize things aren’t as they seem.


The Pey
Directed by Ramone Menon
USA | 8 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. A social media-obsessed teenager is haunted by a terrifying monster after posting a mysterious GIF online.


Return to Sender
Directed by Russell Goldman
USA | 18 minutes | 2022
FLORIDA PREMIERE. From producer Jamie Lee Curtis comes a chilling short story about a woman involved in a delivery scam that grows increasingly strange. Starring Allison Tolman (Fargo).


Directed by Chelsea Lupkin
USA | 12 minutes | 2022
EAST COAST PREMIERE. Abandoned by her boyfriend in the middle of the night, a woman is faced with an unthinkable choice that could cost her life.


The Unlocking
Directed by Thomas Matthew Brush
USA | 9 minutes | 2022
FLORIDA PREMIERE. Elliot struggles with OCD, locking his door all night, every night. One night he decides to not lock the door, and is horrified when he encounters a strange intruder.