Short Films: Midnighters III

Midnighters III

DATE: Friday, August 12
TIME: Video On Demand
VENUE: Digital Screening Room

A celebration of new works from cinematic scaremongers that bring nightmares into waking hours with thrills, chills, and spills:

A Machine for Boredom
Directed by Marc Cartwright
USA | 3 minutes | 2021
Isolation drives a man to rethink his position within a capitalistic society.


A Walk in the Park
Directed by Padraig Reynolds
USA | 7 minutes | 2022
US PREMIERE. A late night walk in the park turns deadly after a mysterious phone.


Domestic Bliss
Directed by Jennifer Scott, Nicole Townssend
USA | 10 minutes | 2022
FLORIDA PREMIERE. A woman with a surprise up her sleeve hopes to get a commitment-phobic man to propose.


Directed by Rob Himebaugh
USA | 6 minutes | 2022
WORLD PREMIERE. A young woman realizes she’s been catfished by her worst nightmare.


Directed by Abhichoke Chandrasen
USA | 19 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. A scoring assistant working on a horror feature film finds her debilitating perfectionism has manifested as the film’s malevolent spirit who will not let her live past the night unless she delivers a perfect score.


The Recipe
Directed by Cameron Holly Dexter
USA | 14 minutes | 2022
EAST COAST PREMIERE. A housewife in the 1970’s procures all the ingredients for a deadly dish that liberates her from not only her marriage, but reality itself.


Super Host
Directed by Dan M. Frantz, Andy Koeger
USA | 12 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. An Airbnb host discovers an insidious spirit occupying her condo.


They See You
Directed by Jared Januschka
USA | 9 minutes | 2021
EAST COAST PREMIERE. When Robin visits her paranoid sister in their family cabin, she discovers a dark secret.


Wild Bitch
Directed by Rebekka Johnson, Kate Nash
USA | 12 minutes | 2021
FLORIDA PREMIERE. A local reporter’s interview with a mousy housewife about her life-changing encounter with a coyote leads to an eerie trek in the woods that leaves them forever bonded with each other… and the beast.


Directed by Liz Manashil
USA | 10 minutes | 2022
WORLD PREMIERE. A broken-hearted teenager learns an important lesson about fidelity and family from an immersive Halloween experience that may or may not be organized by an actual witch.