Satan’s Slaves


Satan's Slaves

DATE: Sat, August 11
TIME: 7:00PM
VENUE: Savor Cinema






Joko Anwar

Joko Anwar

Tara Basro, Bront Palarae, Dimas Aditya

When Mawarni, a famous Indonesian singer, dies of a mysterious illness, her husband and four children are left behind to pick up the pieces, only to discover that they are being haunted by a pack of rabid spirits headed by Mawarni herself. Technically billed as a remake of the 1982 Indonesian remake of Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm, celebrated director Joko Anwar’s Satan’s Slaves is its own chilling throwback to 70s supernatural thrillers, packed to the brim with jump scares and iconic imagery. Winner of the Jury Prize at the Overlook Film Festival!

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YEAR: 2018

DIRECTOR: Joko Anwar

WRITER: Joko Anwar

STARRING: Tara Basro, Bront Palarae, Dimas Aditya