Vote for the Audience Award!


Make Your Voice Heard and Champion Your Festival Favorites

The 2022 Popcorn Frights Film Festival is proud to celebrate the latest and greatest in genre cinema from around the world. Over these 11 nights of terror, all the horror lovers wonder one thing: what will win the Audience Award? Now’s your chance to champion your Festival favorites and crown the Best Feature. So which film will it be?

Voting is easy! Just click on the link below and vote for your favorite Feature and Short Films you saw at the Festival. Please note the following: the online ballot will be accessible for voting for a limited time for each day of the Festival, so be sure to complete it after watching each film.

Note: this online ballot is exclusive to just Popcorn Frights’ in-theater films. For all virtual screenings, you will be able to vote on the film’s streaming page directly.

Make Your Voice Heard and Champion Your Festival Favorites!